Emilio N. Serra, together with his sons Mariano and Alexandre, makes up the golf course design and building firm. Serra Golf, heir to a name and tradition in the sport, adds nowadays the originality and innovation necessary taking into consideration the changing requirements of design, construction, maintenance and handling of the same.
The Company    

Serra Golf is a specialist in designing golf courses in all ways, not only for sports projects, but also for urban projects and top tourist destinations. Furthermore, we add an important item as redesigning or updating and upgrading golf courses that have become outdated over the course of time or that did not have a correct design when they were built. Serra Golf, besides, considers other aspects of golf, offering support services connected with:

» Work together with architecture and engineering firms to integrate the golf course to urban, tourist or merely sports projects.

» Production of marketing plans and image of the course, connected with the overall environment.

» Definition of investment guidelines for a correct building-costs relationship.

» Elaboration of programs for the future maintenance of the golf course, creation of work routines, fertilization plans, handling of diseases and machinery conservation.

» Administrative and working aspects such as statutes, regulations, membership issuance and affiliation to the new course, as well as sponsoring same through the use or our brand.

» Relationship not only with the Local Associations but also with Associations abroad.



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